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Google offers up ways to stay informed and entertained

Google, fully aware that the quarantine is hard on everyone, has offered up various ways for us to stay informed and entertained while at home.

Google Play Store rewards program expands to US

US consumers can earn credits on apps, games, movies, books, and other purchases. Use the Play Points on other content or convert to Play Store Credits.

Google launches Change the Game Design Challenge with focus on female developers

Google is constantly investing in the next generation of coders. The company continues the tradition with its 2nd Annual Google Play Change the Game Challenge.

The best Google Play Store tips and tricks for Android users

Have you ever used these Google Play Store tips before? If not, it's time you give them a try on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Why Google’s Play Store will win the great app store battle of 2018

Find out why 2018 could be a winning year for the Google Play Store and what new improvements implemented this year have helped to improve its success.

Google Play Movies joins iTunes, Amazon, and VUDU in Movies Anywhere

Google has had support within Chrome to allow Android users to bring over their iTunes songs for iPhone and iPad users for a few years,...
Kodak PD-450 Box

Kodak Photo Printer Dock PD-450 (Review)

If you think 'photos' or 'film', you'll most likely think Kodak. An original pioneer in the photography marketplace and imaging industry, Kodak has a...

Google’s Instant Apps are now supported on over 500 million Android devices

Back in May, Google opened up Instant Apps for all developers. Instant Apps, which were introduced during last year’s Google I/O 2017, allow people...
altered beast square logo

Altered Beast (Review)

SEGA now offers a large collection of games on the Google Play store and amongst them is Altered Beast. Altered Beast first appeared in...

Amazon hasn’t given up on smartphones, is working on new “Ice” lineup

Released back in 2014, Amazon’s first smartphone effort, the Fire Phone proved to be a disastrous attempt. Only one month after unveiling the handset,...

Check out this year’s Google Play Award Winners

As expected, during its I/O Google announced the winners of the Google Play Awards. The nominees were announced a few weeks back and you...
super mario run logo

Super Mario Run (review)

Super Mario's popularity is undeniable. He has been featured in dozens of video games across multiple platforms, a television show, thousands of different toys...
pew die pie tuber

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator (review)

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a 'YouTuber'? The famous 'tuber, PewDiePie has created a simulation game in association with Outerminds...

Disable those annoying, power hungry carrier apps [How-To]

As I think we all know, manufacturer and carrier apps can be some of the most annoying apps on the planet, especially if they...

The Abandoned Review

It's rare to find a full-fledged 3D action adventure game on the Google Play store that's worth any investment. Gaijin Distribution hopes to change...