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Optoma unveils new UHZ35ST 4K UHD projector

America’s one of the best 4K UHD projector manufacturers Optoma has unveiled its latest true laser 4K UHD projector for elevated gaming...
Optoma NuForce BE Free5 Earbuds

Optoma NuForce BE Free5 True Wireless Earbuds review

Optoma introduces its second crack at a true wireless earbud with the Free5. This is a lower-costing alternative to last year's Free8 but makes a couple notable improvements across the board. The Free5 may just be the best wire-free value.

Optoma NuForce BE Live5 headphone review: Wireless headphones with clarity and average battery life

The Optomo NuForce BE Live5 headphones are a respectable middle of the road option but won't please everyone.

Optoma’s NuForce BE Free 8 offers a solid truly wireless experience with a really...

Build Build is a funny thing. It's usually a combination of a few things for me: durability, aesthetic, and feel. Optoma's NuForce BE Free 8...

Optoma NuForce BE6i Wireless Earphone Review

It's no doubt that Bluetooth wireless headphones are the hotness in audio gear today. Many of our favorite headphone manufacturers now have a Bluetooth device somewhere in...