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Oukitel K13 Pro launches at Banggood for just $170

Shopping for an unlocked phone is always fun, but it's even better when you can purchase one on the cheap. Fortunately for us, there's...

Oukitel U23 full specsheet revealed ahead of launch (Promoted)

If you're in the market for a great budget device, then the Oukitel U23 may be for you. The company has revealed the spec sheet for its latest flagship.

OUKITEL’s WP1 goes on sale for $159.09 on 11/11 (Promoted)

The OUKITEL Wp1 is a "three-proof" smartphone with IP68 waterproofing, dustproofing, and shock resistance. It emphasizes a sturdy body and practicality. It features a...

Oukitel K8, complete with Sony IMX135 camera, debuts for preorder (Promoted)

Oukitel's newest big-battery smartphone went up for preorder on august 1st for just $139.99. Take a look at its specs and Sony IMX135 camera performance!

Here’s the first hands-on video of the Oukitel K8 (Promoted)

The Oukitel K8 was introduced at the end of last month, but now we are getting a better look at the device with an official hands-on video.
OUKITEL K8 main specs officially released

Oukitel K8 will launch in July with a 6-inch display and dual-cameras (Promoted)

The official specs of the Oukitel K8 have been revealed, confirming a bezel-less design, mid-range specs, and a rather sizable 5,000mAh battery.

Oukitel reveals the successor to the K7 – the Oukitel K8 (Promoted)

Hot off the release of it's K7, Oukitel is already teasing its next big battery smartphone - the Oukitel K8. Hit the jump for rumors and details!

The Oukitel K7 offers a week’s worth of battery for just $179.99

The Oukitel K-series is notorious for their big batteries. But can the new Oukitel K7 stand up to the rigors of a gamer's life?

Here’s a look at just how quick the OUKITEL K7 can charge (Promoted)

The Oukitel K7 is slated to go up for pre-order later this month. To help celebrate, Oukitel has published a new video showcasing its quick-charging.

Oukitel shows off the Oukitel K7’s camera and specs in new video (Promoted)

Oukitel's new K7 is more than just a big battery and a cheap price. How does its spec sheet and camera match up to the competition?

Oukitel kicks off June with a megasale, courtesy of GearBest (Promoted)

Starting in June, Oukitel (in partnership with GearBest) will be holding a megasale of its ten best-selling smartphones. This includes not only its signature big-battery phones, but also its entry-level and tri-proof smartphones.

Oukitel releases a fan-favorite for stateside customers – the OK6000 Plus (Promoted)

Oukitel is releasing a North American version of its popular K6000 Plus, the aptly-named OK6000 Plus. How does it stand up to its predecessor? Which carriers is it compatible with? Read on, Android Guys.

Here’s your chance to get the OUKITEL K7 for just $99 (Promoted)

The Oukitel K7 was announced earlier this month, with its best feature being its 10,000mAh battery. For a limited time, you can sign up to save $80 and get the K7 for just $99.99.

Oukitel U19 is an entry-level iPhone X copycat (Promoted)

Oukitel's latest iPhone X clone, the U19 will go on sale by the end of the month. Until then, you can pick up the previous U18 model with a discount. The promo expires on May 22.

The Oukitel K7 has a huge battery, debuts in late May

Last week, Oukitel announced its newest 10,000mAh smartphone; the K7. The upcoming headset is supposed to release sometime near the end of May or early June, according to Oukitel. And while specs on the phone have been somewhat scarce in the early-going, we now have a full set of specs for you.
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