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Pick up the ZTE Axon 30 with under-display camera in September for $499

The Axon 30 is ZTE's latest smartphone to feature an under-display front-facing camera, and this year's model comes with an improved camera that is better hidden behind the screen.

ZTE launches Axon 30 with improved under-display camera and 120hz screen in China

ZTE announced the Axon 30 today in China, its latest flagship phone featuring an under-display selfie camera with improved quality and a FHD+ AMOLED 120Hz display.

ZTE Axon 30 Ultra review

The ZTE Axon 30 Ultra is the latest from the Chinese phone maker and it boasts a wide array of high-end features....

The best Android phones available at Cricket Wireless

On the hunt for a new phone or carrier? Check out what Cricket Wireless, an AT&T prepaid brand, has in store. These are the best phones of the bunch.

Global pre-orders for the ZTE Axon 30 Ultra open up at the end of...

ZTE launched its latest flagship the Axon 30 Ultra in China last month and now it's releasing it globally in June with pre-orders starting at the end of May for $749.

ZTE Blade 11 Prime arrives at Visible and Yahoo Mobile for $192

ZTE on Tuesday announced that its latest handset, the Blade 11 Prime, is now available through Visible and Yahoo Mobile. Priced under...

Visible adds ZTE Blade X1 5G to lineup

Visible on Tuesday announced that it offers the ZTE Blade X1 5G as part of its 5G-supported smartphones. Here's what you need to know.

ZTE Axon 20 5G, world’s first phone with under-display camera, now available for purchase

The ZTE Axon 20 5G is the first commercially available smartphone to feature a functioning camera under the display, and you can buy it starting today.
Huawei Logo on building

FCC moves to remove Huawei and ZTE equipment from comms networks

A year after Huawei and ZTE were officially sanctioned, the FCC has moved to "rip and replace" their equipment from our communications networks.

ZTE launches the world’s first phone using an under-screen camera with the Axon 20...

The ZTE Axon 20 5G is the first phone to officially launch with a camera under the display. It will be available in select markets beginning on December 21 and sports a Snapdragon 765G, up to 8GB of RAM, and a quad rear-camera setup.

Yahoo Mobile rings up $50 ZTE Blade A3Y as first Yahoo-branded phone

Yahoo Mobile on Thursday announced it its first-ever Yahoo-branded smartphone, the ZTE Blade A3Y. It arrives with just a $49.99 price tag.

Where can I buy an unlocked phone?

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to buying unlocked phones. Here are some retailers and outlets worth exploring for your next phone.

ZTE Axon 20 5G arrives with camera tucked under display

ZTE's newest phone, the Axon 20 5G is a mid-range phone with the front-facing camera tucked under the display. Unfortunately, it's not coming to the US yet.

ZTE to debut world’s first 5G phone with under-display camera

ZTE will introduce its Axon 20 5G on September 1, ushering in the world's first "mass-produced" phone to feature an under-display camera.

ZTE Blade A3 Prime comes to Visible and Yahoo Mobile

ZTE brings its entrey-level Blade A3 Prime to both Visible and Yahoo Mobile. What does the $99 phone offer? Read more to find out.