September 17, 2014

Sprint is Doing it Right

I never thought I would be attending the Sprint developer conference and writing an article like I am right now. So as I sit in my hotel room at 1 am after spending the day meeting great people in the development community, and enjoying Dan Hesse’s keynote, I feel compelled to share a story, not of development, earnings or the next great android app/device.  Instead I want to share with you how a few people and a major corporation showed amazing compassion and when the pressure was on did the right thing. I am going to leave the names out because they are not what is important; what is important is the actions taken.

This morning several attendees intended to enjoy the scenery and brisk morning air as they departed for a jog. As they began down the path they noticed what a few thought was a homeless man sleeping on the jogging path.  However one of them having just ridden down the elevator with the man realized something was wrong.  The group sprung into action rushing to the man’s side.  They quickly determined he was not breathing and could not detect a pulse.  They immediately called 911 and with the direction of the paramedic on the phone, one of the group proceeded to perform CPR, attempting to resuscitate the man.  He continued to perform chest compressions until the paramedics arrived and took over.  The paramedics used a defibrillator to restart the victim’s heart and then get him breathing again.

The man was rushed to the hospital and at this time remains in ICU in a chemically induced coma while they try to determine the cause of the incident.

At the same time this morning, Sprint’s CEO was flying out to speak at the keynote. The plane made a quick detour and picked up the sick joggers family to fly them along with the CEO to California.

After the amazing compassion the Android family has shown after the last few weeks, raising hundreds of dollars for Cell Phones for Soldiers and over $1,000 for the Susan G Koman Foundation, I ask that you step up again.  If you pray, pray, if not, try give an extra thought to the man and his family as they work the mysterious cause of his tragedy.

Doing the right thing is rarely the easy thing, however Sprint and others made quick, hard decisions today and did it RIGHT

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