The best phones available at T-Mobile

    The best Android phones you can get at T-Mobile, updated for December 2019

    With more than 83 million subscribers, and highly-rated customer service, T-Mobile is the third largest wireless network in the US. As such, it has a wide selection of devices, including phones, tablets, watches, and more.

    Here, we gather up a handful of the best phones you can purchase at T-Mobile today. Do note that this isn’t a list of the best overall which often focus on performance. Rather, our list aims to speak to specific users and demographics.


    Samsung Galaxy Note 10

    The Most Well-Rounded

    You can’t have a list of top phone without including the latest and greatest. In this case, it’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Outfitted with a large screen, lots of memory, and an incredible camera experience, it’s a no-compromise device.

    We love the updated S Pen experience, in-display fingerprint scanner, and wireless charging. The phone is sexy, sophisticated looking, and boasts hardware that rivals all comers. The Samsung DeX Mode turns your phone into a desktop-like experience, taking advantage of all of that prowess.

    Samsung Galaxy S10

    Long Term Investment

    If you’re on the hunt for a phone that you plan to own for a few years, you don’t want to cut corners. To that end, the Galaxy S10 is that flagship device that’s built to last.

    Choose from three — four, if you count 5G — versions of the phone, each of which runs Android 9 (Pie) with Samsung’s One UI. Resistant to dust and water, the Galaxy S10 line has excellent cameras, beautiful glass designs, and generous batteries — all important things to most users.

    Opting for the 5G model also adds in a time of flight camera and punches up the screen and battery. Resist the urge to go all-in here as even the S10e is more than adequate for most users.

    OnePlus 7T

    Flagship for a Fraction

    We’ve fallen head over heels in love with OnePlus these last few years. Rather than releasing an expensive, annual flagship, it refreshes its portfolio as needed. And it doesn’t charge nearly as much for the experience.

    The 7T comes in about $200-$300 cheaper than you might expect, but it doesn’t scrimp on the features. A giant 6.55-inch display with 90Hz refresh rate and 48-megapixel triple-camera array lead the way, but it’s just as appealing internally, too.

    Running Android 10, there’s a bleeding edge Snapdragon 855+ processor, 128GB UFS 3.0 storage, and 8GB RAM. Add in a generous 3,800mAh battery with lighting fast charging and you see why we’re so fond.

    Google Pixel 3a

    All Around Value

    Yes, there are many other devices with much more hardware to choose from, even at T-Mobile. Yes, they are phones that cost less and still suffice for the masses. No, you can’t beat this one. 

    The stock Android experience stays as current as anything you’ll find and it only get better with each, timely update. Throw in a camera that wows anyone and everyone, a solid battery, and a $400 price tag and you can understand why we love it.

    Is it worth spending the extra money to get the full Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL experience? Sure, but it’s not necessary. This one has all the stuff that’s important with compromises done in just the right spots.

    Pixel 4

    Google’s best

    Maybe one of the most controversial “best” phones we’ve seen in some time, the Pixel 4 is the newest from Google. And while it’s not the most powerful and robust device on the market, it does have its share of cool features.

    First, of course, is the really great camera experience; it gets better with each generation. Also worth your attention is the baked-in Google Assistant and Android 10 experience.

    The display is really awesome, too, and we’re big fans of the design change. If you can swing it, buy the larger storage option because 64GB is a little light in 2019. Go for the Pixel 4 XL and get a bigger display and higher capacity battery.

    Motorola Moto G7 Power

    Battery for Days

    We say it all the time — most people don’t need, or care about high-end hardware. That’s why Motorola’s G series of phones do so well. They’re priced affordably and have all the stuff that’s important.

    We love that Motorola opts to leave the Android experience largely untouched. Google’s done a great job of creating a cohesive interface so it’s nice when phone makers don’t stand in the way or try to add onto it.

    The handset houses a large, 6.2-inch display and offers respectable performance and a lot of storage. Its real selling point, though, is the 5000mAh battery which puts it far above others.

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