School’s In Session: Get Your Dorm and Apartment Ready with These Essentials

    As the sunshine of summer gradually gives way to the crisp air of autumn, it’s that time of the year when students of all kinds gear up for a fresh academic adventure.

    Whether you’re a seasoned scholar returning for another year of higher learning or a newbie embarking on your very first campus conquest, one thing’s for sure: your living space is your canvas.

    We’ve scoured the tech and accessory landscape to bring you a curated collection of items that have caught our eagle-eyed editors’ attention. Now, to be clear, we’re not claiming to have the “ultimate” or “top-rated” anything here. Instead, think of this roundup as a treasure trove of cool, quirky, and downright useful dorm room and apartment essentials.

    All of these products have passed through our doors and we’re happy to recommend them. It’s time to infuse your living quarters with personality, practicality, and a sprinkle of that tech-savvy charm.

    Epson ET-2850 Wireless All-in-One Printer

    via Epson

    The Epson ET-2850 Wireless All-in-One Printer is your dorm room’s ultimate productivity partner — one that add’s a splash of tech-savvy flair to your academic endeavors. With its compact design and multifunction capabilities, this printer packs a punch. Whether you’re printing assignments, scanning notes, or copying study guides, it’s your personal command center for all things paper-related.

    Let’s talk efficiency: thanks to its wireless connectivity, the ET-2850 is a breeze to set up and use. And with its convenient auto 2-sided printing, you’re not just saving paper; you’re saving the planet one printout at a time. No more late-night library runs or struggling with communal printers – this gem is at your service 24/7.

    But it doesn’t stop there – the real star of the show is Epson’s revolutionary EcoTank technology. Say goodbye to traditional cartridges and hello to supersized ink tanks that can last for months. Your wallet and the environment will thank you. Seriously, the long-term ownership price of this printer is a fraction of what your parents pay for their old device.

    Streamline your academic journey, conquer assignments with style, and revel in the convenience of hassle-free printing. The Epson ET-2850 is your college life upgrade. Make your dorm room a hub of efficiency, creativity, and convenience – one print at a time. $300

    MONOKEI Standard Keyboard

    Level up your typing game with the MONOKEI Standard Keyboard – the ultimate fusion of sleek style and top-notch functionality for your dorm room or apartment setup. Unleash your inner wordsmith on this keyboard that’s as bold as your ideas and as responsive as your favorite playlist’s beat drop. Every tap is a symphony of precision, and with its slim design, this keyboard seamlessly integrates into any space without cramping your style or your wrists.

    Your space deserves accessories that match your vibe, and the MONOKEI Standard Keyboard is here to deliver just that. Whether you’re a coding whiz, a creative wordsmith, or a master of memes, this keyboard is your trusty sidekick for every digital adventure. Don’t just type – make a statement with the MONOKEI Standard Keyboard and conquer your keyboard kingdom.

    And did we mention it’s wireless? Say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to clutter-free productivity. $144

    Oraimo 100W Braided Type-C Cable

    via Oraimo

    This cable is not just any ordinary charging cord; it’s a turbocharged energy lifeline that’s ready to fuel your devices faster than you can say “charge me up!” Its nylon braided exterior not only adds a pop of personality but also guarantees durability that stands up to the rigors of your bustling lifestyle.

    With its 100W charging capacity, this cable delivers a lightning-fast power boost to your gadgets, ensuring you spend less time waiting and more time conquering your digital universe. Plus, its Type-C design means you can connect with style, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or any other Type-C enabled device.

    The Oraimo 100W Nylon Braided Type-C Fast Charging Cable is your ticket to untamed charging speed and unapologetic style. Whether you’re powering up for a late-night study session or gearing up for a gaming marathon, this cable has got your back. Don’t just charge – charge boldly with Oraimo and stay plugged in to your tech-driven adventures. $16

    Beddley Supreme Duvet Cover

    via Beddley

    Embrace the art of effortless bedding transformation with this duvet cover that’s as easy to change as your mind on pizza toppings. No more struggling with stubborn buttons or awkward corners – simply zip and go for an instant makeover that’s on point.

    Crafted from premium materials, the Supreme White Duvet Cover is your ticket to snuggle-town luxury. Sink into its softness after a long day of conquering classes and let your worries melt away. And did we mention it’s easy to clean? Toss it in the machine, and you’re back to enjoying your cozy haven in no time.

    Your sleep space deserves to be the stuff of dreams, and the Beddley Supreme White Duvet Cover is here to deliver just that. Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to style, comfort, and dorm life done right. Get ready to make your bed the envy of all snoozing spots – because the Supreme White Duvet Cover is where comfort and chic collide. $159

    Meross Smart LED Light Bulb

    via meross

    Light up your life and space with the meross Smart LED Light Bulb, a beacon of brilliance for your dorm room or apartment. This bulb is designed to make your space come alive with vibrant colors and adjustable brightness. With its smart technology, you can control the ambiance right from your fingertips, whether you’re craving a cozy warm glow or a lively party vibe.

    Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional light switches – this bulb pairs seamlessly with your smart devices, allowing you to customize the mood with a simple tap on your phone or a voice command. Need to set the perfect study ambiance or create a calming environment for movie night? The meross Smart LED Light Bulb has got you covered. Plus, it’s energy-efficient, making it a brilliant choice for both your room and the environment.

    Step into a world of color and convenience with the meross Smart LED Light Bulb. Elevate your living space, set the mood, and illuminate your tech-savvy journey like never before. $29 (2-pack)

    Dreo PolyFan 513S

    With its sleek and modern design, this isn’t your grandma’s fan – it’s a futuristic marvel designed for the tech-savvy generation. Equipped with advanced air-circulating technology, the PolyFan 513S delivers a refreshing gust of air that will make you feel like you’re in a cool oasis even on the hottest days.

    But it’s not just about the cooling power – this fan is packed with features that will leave you in awe. Its adjustable height and oscillation angles ensure that the breeze reaches every corner of your space, creating a comfortable environment no matter where you’re lounging. And with the whisper-quiet operation, you can enjoy the refreshing breeze without any annoying distractions.

    Choose from eight speeds, six modes, and a number of oscillation settings for both horizontal and vertical directions. Our favorite is the natural setting found in the app which mimics those random breezes and gusts that greet you like a lazy day on the couch.

    Upgrade your living space with the Dreo PolyFan 513S – the ultimate companion for your dorm room or apartment. Stay cool, stay comfortable, and stay ahead of the game with this powerful air-circulating wonder. Get ready to breeze through those hot days like a pro with Dreo. $140

    Eve Energy

    Turn your dorm room or apartment into a futuristic haven of convenience with the Eve Energy smart plug. Imagine controlling your lights, appliances, and devices with a simple tap on your smartphone or a voice command to your favorite virtual assistant. Say goodbye to stumbling in the dark to find the switch or worrying if you left your hair straightener on.

    The Eve Energy is your ticket to energy efficiency as well. Keep track of your energy consumption and make smarter choices with real-time insights that put you in control of your power usage. Worried about your late-night study sessions draining your energy? Fear not, for the scheduling feature lets you set a timer to ensure that your devices turn off automatically, saving you power and stress.

    Upgrade your living space and embrace the future with Eve Energy. It’s time to take charge of your surroundings and live in the smart lane. Get plugged in and start enjoying the comfort of a tech-savvy dorm room. $40

    Homey Pro

    Say hello to a world where your living space turns into a tech wonderland that dances to your every command. Tired of flipping switches and fumbling with remotes? Wave those worries goodbye.

    With Homey Pro, you’ve got a wizard at your fingertips that can bring your devices together in perfect harmony. Lights, music, thermostat – all in sync with just a tap on your phone. And speaking of phones, this powerhouse understands your every mood – even if you’re a Siri supporter or an Alexa aficionado.

    But let’s get down to the real magic: automation. Imagine your room lighting up gently when you wake, curtains drawing close as the sun sets, and your coffee maker purring to life as your alarm goes off. This isn’t just a gadget; it’s your personal assistant, transforming your living space into a seamless haven of convenience.

    Whether you’re studying, chilling, or entertaining, the Homey Pro is your backstage pass to a smarter, snazzier life. Embrace the future – your dorm room’s about to get an upgrade that’s as big as your dreams! $400

    Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit

    Welcome to the future of dorm room and apartment living, where your space transforms into a vibrant visual playground. Say goodbye to dull walls and hello to an immersive experience that’s as dynamic as your lifestyle. This is your ticket to creating a world that dances with your mood, music, and more. Imagine your room turning into a canvas of colors, synced to your favorite beats or the rhythm of your heart.

    The Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about interaction. The screen mirror feature turns your room into a theater where your favorite shows and movies come to life on your walls. Whether you’re winding down after a long day or turning up the energy for a study session, this kit sets the stage for a space that’s uniquely you.

    Pair it with other Nanoleaf products and watch how truly immersive and fun your experience gets. The Sync+ feature extends effects to more than 50 Nanoleaf RGB lights including Shapes and Lines.

    Transform your dorm room or apartment into a visual wonderland with the Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit – your ticket to creating a dazzling abode! $100

    InkBird IAM-T1 Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    As you settle into your cozy abode, don’t just breathe – breathe better. This isn’t just a monitor; it’s your trusty guardian, ensuring the air you inhale is as pure as the summer breeze. Imagine having a mini scientist that tracks humidity, temperature, and air quality, all while giving you the lowdown on your space’s health.

    With its smart app, you’re plugged into real-time data, allowing you to make informed decisions on the fly. Worried about that stuffy, late-night study session? The InkBird IAM-T1 has your back, giving you the scoop on whether it’s time to crack open a window or crank up the AC. It’s like having an air quality sidekick that ensures your space is as cozy as it is healthy. $180

    Sutera Stone Bath Mat

    Step out of the shower and onto luxury with the Sutera Stone Bath Mat. As you curate your ultimate dorm room or apartment, don’t overlook the finer details that bring comfort and style to your everyday routine.

    Crafted from Diatomaceous Earth, this bath mat not only adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom but also offers a slip-resistant surface that ensures safety with every step. No more worrying about soggy bath mats or mold – the Sutera Stone Bath Mat is designed to dry quickly and resist moisture buildup.

    Upgrade your otherwise boring personal space into a spa-worthy oasis. Pamper your feet while maintaining a chic aesthetic that effortlessly complements your dorm or apartment decor. Make your everyday rituals extraordinary with the Sutera Stone Bath Mat – a small addition that makes a big difference. $60

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