A few months back we had the chance to check out the Coral 3-in-1 UV-C Sterilizer, where we found it to be a really great device that might have found its perfect moment. Priced $130, it’s a great solution for a whole array of uses and users.

Coral is back with a refreshed approach to its sterilizer, making it not only bigger, but more environmentally conscious, too. Hitting Kickstarter today, the Coral UV LED Sanitizer and Dryer, is available for a pre-sale price of just $199.99. The crowdfunding campaign will be live through May 16th where it will then hit its normal retail price of $159.99.

What’s different between the two versions? Color, for one, gets a slight tweak as the lid picks up a matte grey lid that’s makes it easier to see the buttons and options. Still, though, you’ll find that it still looks good in pretty much any environment.

Staying with the lid a moment, the new unit has a more obvious indicator for activity. A quick glance at the panel on top tells us via color whether it’s drying or sterilizing.

Also, and perhaps more obvious, the new LED Sanitizer and Dryer (AKA Coral UV 2) is larger. Whereas the first one was big enough to hold six baby bottles, this allows for up to one dozen 8-ounce bottles.

The key difference between the two models is that it employs six energy efficient LED lights instead of the mercury bulbs in the predecessor. Not only does it eliminate any potential odors, it also keeps users from becoming accidentally exposed to mercury.

Having used the former one for a few months, we like it for keys, sunglasses, wallets, toothbrushes, phones, writing utensils, and other daily use items. It’s compact enough to keep on the counter regardless of room, and its all-white design fits anywhere.

Other Features

The Coral UV 2 has many of the same traits as its predecessor, including the ability to both dry and sterilize items. Drying can be done in 30, 40, 50, and 60 minute increments while sterilization is done in 10, 15, and 20 minutes. An overnight storage option starts with a 50-minute sanitize and dry cycle, followed by two-minute sanitizing cycles over the next 24 hours.

  • Eco Friendly LED Bulbs – Coral UV uses 12 mW LED, eco-friendly bulbs (as opposed to harmful mercury bulbs). This is six times more sanitizing power than LED competitors.
  • Aesthetic, minimalist design – Coral UV is a minimalist, top-open sanitizer that naturally fits in with the rest of your kitchen, vanity, or bedroom.
  • Roomy Stainless Steel Chamber – A roomy reflective stainless steel chamber allows you to sanitize multiple items at once while ensuring the sanitizing UV-C light reaches every corner inside the device. 
  • Drying function – A built in drying function is convenient for items you might rinse off beforehand, such as water bottles. Coral UV is one of the only sanitizers that has this option. 

The Coral UV 2’s bulbs are expected to last ten years, based on an average of five 10-minute cycles per day. What’s more, the unit is backed by a lifetime warranty, too.

Kickstarter Options

Coral is offering Kickstarter backers a number of options including the Early Bird plan for $119. For the money one receives the Coral UV 2 and a basket for inside as well as unlimited free filters.

The campaign gets started today with a goal of just $5,000 over the next 35 days. Mass production is slated for May with shipping set to commence in June.

Our Take

The Coral UV 2, which we’ve also spent time with, has a bigger footprint that’s a few inches wider. While not overly big, we appreciate that it lets us add more of the same things. For homes that have multiple users with their own phones, earbuds, watches, sports bottles, and other items it’s a great device. Rather than taking turns with the LED Sanitizer and Dryer, we’re able to double and triple up.

These are quiet units that fit with the aesthetic of any room. We’ve moved them around a few times, but invariably they tend to end up in rooms where people congregate or pass through.

One idea we’ve used for home is putting our phones in them at dinner time so we can clean them and unplug at the same time. In the office the sterilizer is near the door so we can toss in keys, sunglasses, wallets, and other items.

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