GravaStar, known for its quirky speaker and desktop power adapter designs, recently introduced its latest product, the Delta35 GaN Fast Charger. This 35-watt power adapter stands out due to its unique design—it looks like a little robot and comes in white and pink options.

With two USB-C ports, LED lights for eyes that glow when in use, fold-up prongs for charging, and adjustable ball-jointed ears and arms, the Delta35 combines fun aesthetics with practical functionality. It utilizes Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology for a compact form factor, making it ideal for both desktop and on-the-go use.

How it works

The Delta35 GaN Fast Charger is a two-port power adapter with USB-C ports positioned at the top. While it works well when plugged into a desktop power strip, it can also be used in a wall outlet, although the robot’s features will be sideways in this orientation. It uses GaN technology for compactness and efficiency. This means protection against overheating, overvoltage, and short circuiting.


The arms and antennae, while serving no practical purpose, add visual interest to the charger’s design. You can articulate each of them independently, giving the charger a bit of character.

The Delta35’s design is the standout feature, resembling a cute robot with LED eyes and adjustable arms and antennae. Its compact size is similar to that of an iPad charger, but the arms and antennae add a bit of bulk. Despite this, it remains portable enough to fit in a bag for on-the-go charging. The fold-up prongs ensure it remains compact during storage.


With a maximum output of 35W, the Delta35 GaN Fast Charger is suitable for charging devices like phones, tablets, and Chromebooks, although it may not provide maximum speeds when charging multiple devices simultaneously. When charging a single device, it can deliver a ~50 percent charge in just 30 minutes, making it a great choice for fast charging.

With two devices plugged in, the power is split between them, resulting in slower charging speeds. While 35W might be considered on the lower side for a two-port charger, it’s still efficient for charging smaller devices, especially when used as a desktop solution.

Target User

The Delta35 GaN Fast Charger is designed for users who appreciate both form and function in their charging accessories. It’s suitable for those who own devices like phones, earbuds, wearables, tablets who need a stylish yet efficient charging solution for their desk or on-the-go needs. The robot-inspired design adds an element of fun and personality to the charger, making it a great choice for those who enjoy unique and visually appealing tech accessories. It’s one of those gifts you might pick up for someone who seemingly has everything.

What we liked

  • Unique and playful design: The robot-inspired look sets it apart from typical power adapters. It has the hallmarks of other GravaStar products.
  • Compact and portable: Despite its design features, it remains small enough for travel.
  • Fast charging: It delivers fast charging for single devices, making it efficient for users on the move.
  • Competitive pricing: At $29.95, it offers similar performance to other dual USB-C power adapters but with a more unique design — and a lower price tag.

What could be better

  • Power capacity: While suitable for smaller devices like phones, earbuds, and wearables, it may not provide sufficient power for more demanding products like Chromebooks or MacBooks.
  • Orientation: The robot’s design may look odd when plugged into a wall outlet due to the sideways orientation of its features.

The GravaStar Delta35 GaN Fast Charger is a charming fusion of design and functionality. Its robot-inspired aesthetics, compact size, and fast-charging capabilities make it an appealing choice for users looking to add a touch of whimsy to their charging setup.

While it may not be ideal for power-hungry devices, it offers solid performance for a variety of common gadgets and comes at an attractive price point, making it a fun and practical addition to any tech enthusiast’s collection.

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