Podcast: History of Android (v1.5 Cupcake)

Podcast Podcast: History of Android (v1.5 Cupcake)

What are your earliest memories of Android? Were you paying attention to the platform all the way back in 2007 and 2008? We certainly were.

For this season of the AndroidGuys podcast we’re taking a trip through time, looking at each version of the Android platform.

If you subscribe to the podcast through your favorite outlet, you’ve already heard a few of these. Each episode is dedicated to a specific release as well as key devices of the time.

We often take for granted all of the great things that our devices do for us. There was a time when our smartphones could not do “basic” things by today’s definition. The series of podcasts aims to educate listeners about the features added into Android along the way.

About This Episode

History of Android Releases – Android 1.5 Cupcake

Where were you in early 2009? We were face down in Android news and rumors, piecing together details for the next release in the platform.

Scott Webster and Luke Gaul head down memory lane to the beginning days of Android and its first big software update. The two discuss not only where mobile software was at the time, but also where hardware was, too. Remember the Samsung Galaxy and HTC Hero? We certainly do.

Topics Discussed

  • Android 1.5 Cupcake
  • HTC Hero
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Historical context for phones of the time
  • Notable apps and features of the day

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Scott Webster
In addition to smartphones and mobile gadgets, Scott has a deep appreciation for film, music, and LEGO. A husband and father, he's an amalgam of Pink Floyd, sunflower seeds, Frank Moth art, Star Wars, Bob Seger, cheese crisps, audiobooks, podcasts, mental therapy, and sunshine. Scott has overseen the day-to-day activities of AndroidGuys since 2007.