ChatGPT has been taking the world by storm, recording a whopping 1.6 billion visits since it launched last November. With its ability to deliver comprehensive school essays, exhaustive code, and even movie scripts, OpenAI’s revolutionary generative artificial intelligence platform has been nothing short of a game-changer. And the AI era is barely beginning, as the World Economic Forum predicts that big data models and machine learning will hit a golden age in ten to twenty years.

A few months ago, artificial intelligence felt like an obscure and vague technology for most non-tech-savvy folks. Cue in ChatGPT, and millions of people are now tuning in to this conversational tool daily. It all starts with solving a math problem, checking out an easy recipe on a lazy evening, or writing a simple email. But before long, software engineers can’t live without this chatbot for their important tasks, and journalists rely on it to generate catchy headlines. The scope of generative AI likens to a sense of possibility matched only by such life-changing past tech revolutions as the internet and the smartphone. 

Yet, smartphone users don’t have it that easy when it comes to the biggest chatbot out there. OpenAI is yet to unveil a mobile app for iPhone and Android alike. Despite the lack of an official app, though, dozens of listings have popped up all over the Play Store. While all of them claim to give instant access to ChatGPT, none are associated with the chatbot. Using unofficial ChatGPT apps may have significant drawbacks, thus. For one, malicious apps could pose a threat to users’ safety by capturing their login information. Most unofficial apps also redirect users to the outdated and somewhat less capable GPT-3 language model. Released in March this year, GPT-4 has only opened up for public access to paying subscribers of OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus service. 

As it stands, the ChatGPT website can only be accessed using a web browser. Android users can therefore fire up the mobile browser of their liking, from Opera to Firefox and Google Chrome. The mobile crowd looking for more privacy might also turn to the anonymous Tor Browser we explored on Android Guys. They may otherwise visit the platform’s official website. The requirements for access include a compatible browser and an OpenAI account. After signing up and accepting the terms and conditions, users can then get started with debugging a code that’s been nagging them for days or asking the chatbot to craft them a funny story to tell at their next party. 

That being said, OpenAI recently released a public API for its wildly popular AI tool, granting third-party developers permission to integrate seamlessly ChatGPT into their services. Instant messaging app Snapchat jumped on the occasion to introduce new artificial intelligence features. The social media juggernaut announced its ChatGPT-powered “My AI” chatbot would be able to generate AI images in response to users’ messages. OpenAI also partnered with language learning app Duolingo, creating a new subscription tier centring around generative AI. Now equipped with GPT-4, Duolingo Max allows users to interact with the chatbot and ask for clarification after picking the wrong answer. A brand-new Roleplay feature also gives users the opportunity to practice their chatting skills in the language of their choice with an AI conversational partner.

Although ChatGPT has been an unmitigated success so far, the chatbot is fuelling controversy, too. Generative intelligence artificial could indeed serve as a new weapon in the hands of ill-intended users. Leveraging AI to learn all about people’s individual preferences and personality quirks, spammers may find it easier to hit their targets’ weak spots. European regulators and law agencies have also rung the alarm on ChatGPT, reporting that AI platforms could help assisting criminals with malware creation and phishing.

Despite these reservations, AI technology has also proven beneficial for cybersecurity use. From the automation of repetitive tasks to advanced data analysis, some industries have already shown the way to artificial intelligence as a powerful force to make the internet safer. In the iGaming industry, for instance, AI can aid in identifying suspicious player behaviour and sanctioning fraudulent individuals more effectively. Gamblers can therefore hit trusted casinos, with platforms like CasinoReviews helping newcomers make informed decisions. Accounting for key criteria like safety and reputability, reviewers personally test out every website around. They also scrutinise a casino’s compliance with strict standards for responsible gambling and fair gaming. Reviews are then fact-checked and vetted to ensure they remain unbiased and reliable. 

Arguably, artificial intelligence is reshaping the tech landscape at full speed. AI-powered platforms are already contributing in providing a secure technical environment while assisting casual users and professional tech actors in their everyday tasks. ChatGPT generative AI may also give way to new big players on the block, with Google Search’s supremacy potentially in jeopardy in the wake of Samsung’s fiddling with the idea of switching its smartphones to Bing. Whatever the future holds for smartphone users, though, artificial intelligence is bound to keep stirring up as much excitement as controversy.

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