Maybe you’ve never heard of EarFun; maybe you have. If you are not familiar with the brand, you should do yourself a favor and look into it. The company makes solid wireless audio devices and often at affordable prices and its portfolio grows at a fairly steady rate.

We’ve been fortunate enough to receive a set of EarFun Air Pro 2 wireless earbuds here at the office and have taken them for a spin.

How do these new earbuds stack up to the ever-crowded market of wireless audio available? The first impressions have been good but let’s take a deep dive into the EarFun Air Pro 2.


The Air Pro 2 has a familiar design, but I found some personal perks that I haven’t found with similar models. You immediately will recognize the silicone-tipped earbud with the stemmed mic extension that has become uber-popular in the segment.

On the outside, you will find the EarFun logo stamped down the stem. Above this on the circular portion is a capacitive area for touch controls. Otherwise, the buds are black finish with a slight gloss and not much else. I appreciate the minimalist feel of the look.

My surprise is the ear fit for me is the best I’ve ever had with a silicone-tipped earbud. The shape of my ear struggles to get a comfortable fit for these types of earbuds, but the EarFun Air Pro 2 fit great!

Other notables are the Air Pro 2 is IPX5 water-resistant making them the perfect workout partner. This should get you through a rainy day jog, sweat at the gym, or other splash zones short of an actual swim.

Lastly, the EarFun Pro 2 has exceptional in-ear detection. This can be hit or miss on certain devices but these have gotten it right on every instance for me. As soon as you take them out of your ear and make a motion of any kind it pauses. Pick them up and with a slight delay to get back in place, the audio picks up where you left off.

Touch controls

Touch controls are crucial to modern wireless earbuds. EarFun has included a good array of options here to interact with your audio without pulling out your phone for control. You can play or pause music with a double-tap of the left or right earbud. The same combination will answer or end a phone call.

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Tapping each earbud once will raise or lower the volume of music while playing. This will also control the volume of phone calls. Some earbuds miss the call volume features and it’s good to see this not omitted by EarFun on the Air Pro 2 buds.

I’ve voiced my opinion for the “clunkiness” of triple tapping small touch areas, but EarFun made me do it. Using this cadence on the left side takes you to the previous track and the right earpiece jumps you forward a track. I will say EarFun’s variation of this didn’t stumble as bad as most. I was able to get it most of the time.

A two-second press and hold are also present to control voice assistants and cycle through the Active Noise Canceling profiles. The left earbud takes care of the ANC settings of Normal, Noise Cancellation, and Ambient mode. The right earbud will activate your voice assistant of choice.


EarFun has always found a great balance in sound to get a rich result in playback on earbuds. The Air Pro 2 is no exception. The bass is punchy and the highs are just right. For wireless earbuds, these are above average to my ears and I’ve enjoyed using them for long playlists.

From podcasts to instrument-filled music, they perform very well. I feel like EarFun has really found that sweet spot of offering a great listening experience regardless of the track style. You just don’t see a well-rounded audio device in this form much but EarFun pulls it off.

The active Noise Cancelation is also a plus. The three modes offer you profiles to block out all, some, or none of the ambient noise in your surroundings. This translates to Noise Cancelation, Ambient Mode, and Normal. Each option is evident in the listening feedback and works as you’d expect.

Battery life and charging

EarFun rates the Air Pro 2 at around seven hours of playback potential depending on volume. I’ve found that to be a solid estimate when around 60% volume levels. I can make it through a full day of podcasts and music, minus my lunch, with no problems.

When paired with the charging case, EarFun claims you get 34 total hours of enjoyment before having to charge the case and buds completely. This was also accurate in my test period. I would be able to get the initial charge and three top-offs of the buds before looking for the actual charger cable.

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The case can charge via USB-C or wireless charging. Fast charge via cable is available to get two full hours of playback in under 10 minutes. Wireless charging is capped at 5-Watts so you’ll need around 3.5 hours on that.

Should you buy them?

Yes. If you have it in your budget to spend $80, the EarFun Air Pro 2 will not disappoint. Honestly, these earbuds are better than the price tag with a real bang for your buck appeal.

The superb sound, good fit, and feature set all point to a higher price point. EarFun instead has leveraged its history of good devices to bring a really good option to users over more recognizable brands.

The EarFun Air Pro 2 is available now via EarFun’s direct website or Amazon for $80.

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