Govee Flow Plus Light Bars review

The Govee Flow Plus Light Bars are the perfect way to add a static bias lighting system to your TV or light up the wall behind your computer. They feature an intuitive app and are compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for smart home integration.

Not too long ago, I reviewed the Govee Flow Pro lights and fell in love with them. Now, Govee has a new, more affordable set of light bars called the Flow Plus. Keep reading to find out how they compare to the Flow Pro light bars.

Key specs:

  • Create lighting effects using up to 16 million colors
  • Flexible mounting with two different stand options available
  • Reacts to music
  • Intuitive and feature-packed app
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


Inside the box, the Govee Flow Plus consists of two light bars connected by a Y-cable that plugs into the controller box. There is also a separate power cable that goes from the box to the wall outlet.

When it comes to mounting, Govee includes two different styles of stands. One set is for standing the light bars upright, this is perfect for using them with a computer or placing on your TV stand. While the other set is meant to allow you to attach the light bars to the back of your TV with 3M adhesive.

Both sets of stands work great and setting up the Flow Plus Light Bars is a breeze.

User experience

The Flow Plus Light Bars lose one of my favorite features of the Flow Pro Bars, and that’s the camera used to make the lights match the colors on your TV. However, if you’re afraid the changing colors might be too distracting, then the Flow Plus Light Bars will allow you to set the color manually and allow you to save some money.

Beyond using them for bias lighting with your TV, the Flow Plus Light Bars can also be used for mood lighting bouncing off of your wall and they also react to music.

In my experience, the music function is a bit hit or miss. I tried out all the different modes and the lights don’t always seem to react reliably to the music being played. Regardless, the light show it puts on still looks fantastic, even if it’s not entirely accurate.


One of the best parts of the Govee lights is the app. The Govee Home app is one of the most professional and well-laid out smart home apps I’ve ever used. It gives you extensive control over the lights and all without being overly complicated to use.

Without the camera included with the Flow Pro Light Bars, you’ll probably use the app quite a bit. That’s because you’ll either be changing the colors manually, setting one of the scenes, or even creating your own scenes to get the most out of the Flow Plus Light Bars.

Additionally, the app allows you to power the lights on or off, set sleep timers, or use the lights to gradually wake you up in the morning. Speaking of powering the lights on or off, the Flow Plus Light Bars also integrate with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. That makes it quite convenient to control the lights, and you can even change the color using voice commands.

Final thoughts

Essentially, the Govee Flow Plus Light Bars are the same as the previous Flow Pro, only without the camera, and with a lower price of $65 or more with the $15 off coupon available right now. That makes them perfect for using as a static bias lighting system for your TV or placing them with your computer.

For my money, I’d rather pay extra and purchase the Flow Pro Light Bars if you want a backlight for your TV. Having the lights react to what’s on the screen with the camera makes a world of difference.

However, if you’re only wanting to light up the wall behind your computer or you’re concerned the changing colors would be too distracting, the Govee Flow Plus Light Bars will be perfect for you.

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