Govee Glide Hexa Pro Light Panel and Neon Rope Light Review

The Govee Glide Hexa Pro Light Panel and Neon Rope Light with Razer Chroma integration are the perfect way to take your gaming setup to the next level.

Over the past few years, Govee has made a name for itself in smart home lighting like no other. It has done this by creating a lineup of unique lighting products and constantly adding features to its fantastic smartphone app. 

To see proof of this, you need to look no further than the Govee Glide Hexa Pro Light Panels and RGBIC Neon Rope Light with Razer Chroma integration that was sent out to us for review. 


The Glide Hexa Pro Light Panels come in the shape of a hexagon with an accent on the inside to give it a 3D cube appearance. They are sold in packs of 10 with cables to connect everything together and adhesive on the back of each panel to install on the wall. 

The Neon Rope Light comes rolled up in the box with everything needed for installation, including brackets with adhesive on the back and screws if you choose a more permanent solution. 


Installing these lights from Govee can be a little daunting because you’re attaching them directly to the wall. Govee tries to make this as easy as possible with video tutorials, an included bubble level, and a couple of extra adhesive strips in case of mistakes. Regardless, it’s still time-consuming and you’re going to have to be careful. 

Govee provides you with several preset design options when installing the Glide Hexa Pro Light Panels or you can create your own. I went with one of the presets and the app walks you through the installation step-by-step, including showing where to plug in each cable since each light connects to the next one in the pattern. You’ll still want to take your time and be careful, because with only two spare 3M strips in the box, you don’t get much room for errors. 

The Govee Neon Rope Light requires even more caution, because it is recommended to not remove the brackets after installation. Doing so can remove the paint and damage your walls. As you can see, I didn’t do the best installation with mine. I simply ran out of space, and wasn’t sure what to do with it. Now, I’m going to pay for it when I attempt to remove it later on. 

Don’t be like me. Use one of the preset designs in the app, and it would help if you had a friend around while setting it up. Although, while the presets in the app are great, it doesn’t give you a step-by-step installation walkthrough like with the Glide Hexa Pro Light Panels. This makes it a much more challenging install.

User experience

Govee excels at features and usability. The company is constantly updating its app and products with new features that really makes its lights shine. While I would have been perfectly content with the number of scenes and customizations the lights provide by default, Govee has taken it to a whole new level with Razer Chroma integration. 

For the uninitiated, Razer Chroma is software that runs on your PC and allows lights that support it to sync up together. This can be as simple as setting one singular color between your mouse, keyboard, and other compatible lights–such as the Govee Glide Hexa Pro Light Panels and Neon Rope Light. 

However, where the Razer Chroma integration really impresses, is when you use it combined with supported games. One of the best examples of this integration is Apex Legends, which syncs your lights and changes the color during banner transitions, when picking up loot or taking damage, and more. 

It turns your gaming session into a more interactive experience by giving you dynamic visual indicators in your room. Basically, it looks stunning and makes the games come to life. It reminds me of Govee’s Flow Pro Light Bars I reviewed and how much they enhanced my movie-watching experience. 

The only downside is that only a limited number of games support Razer Chroma, but even without Chroma integration, the Glide Hexa Pro Light Panels and Neon Rope Light have a lot to offer. There are over 20 preset scenes to choose from with mesmerizing color schemes, along with options to customize some scenes. Additionally, there are modes for reacting to music and you can even create your own DIY scenes. 

Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to install the Govee desktop app and I noticed that the Razer Chroma integration wouldn’t function properly unless I had the app open and running.

Final thoughts

Govee has quickly become one of my favorite companies. I can’t get enough of its smart lighting products, and I’m consistently impressed with the polish and features of the app. Even without the integration with Razer Chroma, the Glide Hexa Pro Light Panels and Neon Rope Light are remarkable products, the partnership with Razer is just icing on the cake. 

My only criticisms would be with the installation of the Neon Rope Light. For starters, it uses a massive plug that will easily block off two or more outlets on your surge protector. Then, you really need to have a design in mind before installing, and even then, it helps to have an extra set of hands. Making a mistake could be costly, because removing the brackets will most likely cause damage to your paint job. 

Otherwise, these are a couple of amazing smart lights that will be an upgrade for any room in your home and you’ll love showing them off to your friends. The Govee Glide Hexa Pro Light Panels currently retail for $200, while the Neon Rope Light sells for $120, and both can be purchased from Amazon or Govee’s website. 

Govee Glide Hexa Pro Light Panels

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Govee Neon Rope Light

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