When it comes to portable power solutions there are few brands, if any, that we admire as much as mophie. The brand consistently releases powerful and efficient portable chargers and seems to embrace and back the right trends.

Whether it’s creating a protective phone case with a built-in battery or a big brick of a power supply, or something in between, the mophie product line always scores well in our eyes. The trend continues in mid-2019 we take a look at the new powerstation models.

Available in four versions, each of the refreshed powerstation line features multiple charging ports, including a USB-C port. Conveniently, that port allows for both input and output.

Whereas previous generations of mophie products tend to stick to a black (more of a charcoal or dark grey), the 2019 stuff comes in a variety of colors. Indeed, each does come in black, but the four have different options.

mophie powerstation

  • powerstation mini: 5,000mAh – $40 (Black, Gray, Navy, Hot Pink, and Light Blue)
  • powerstation: 10,000mAh – $50 (Black, Gray, Navy, and Pink)
  • powerstation XL: 15,000mAh – $60 (Black and Gray)
  • powerstation XXL: 20,000mAh – $70 (Black)

We appreciate the simplicity of choosing from the powerstation line as it’s a case of picking the capacity needed. As most of the higher end of phones of today are under 3,000mAh, even the powerstation mini is more than sufficient to double the life of a handset. For ten bucks more (powerstation) you can double things.

One thing we’ve really come to appreciate in portable chargers is that they’ve gotten more compact over the last few years, yet battery has increased. That’s not exclusive to mophie, but it does a great job of making things feel as svelte as possible.

The powerstation mini takes up about as much space as a typical handset. As you move up the line, the sizes are not commensurate with capacities. To be more clear, the 10,000mAh unit is not twice the size nor does the 20,000mAh battery four times the size. It’s not like you’d be toting around four extra phones worth of bulk.

Both the powerstation and powerstation mini provide a USB C and USB port; however, the powerstation XL and powerstation XXL pick up a second USB port. This is ideal for scenarios where one might buy a portable charger to replenish a family of devices at the same time.

Spouses sitting down at dinner, a couple of people out for a hike, or a family staying charged up during a Pokemon Go Community Day are just a few examples that come to mind.

As often is the case with its chargers, these have four LED indicator lights. This makes it easy to quickly understand how much power is left. Moreover, it provides a glimpse into where things are when replenishing the batteries.

We really dig the colors mophie chose for its new models. They’re charming and work well with the durable fabric that wraps a lot of the brand’s batteries. Moreover, they’re easy to identify if you’re looking for one as you might head out the door. If anything, though, they are more muted and closer to a pastel than what we see online.

Each of the chargers come with a short USB-A to USB-C cable that’s maybe four inches long. It’s a perfect length if you’re plugging in a phone that you’d like to operate at the same time as charging.

One of the best things about mophie products is that they come with two year warranties. We’ve never had to file a claim or exchange a device, but that second year of peace of mind. It’s also nice to have a company willing to put its neck on the line longer than most competitors.


You can purchase the powerstation models directly from mophie’s website using the following links. Each has it own respective color options.

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