Thanks to the near-universal approach that most phone makers take today, a lot of devices employ USB Type-C for charging.

The tech is not just phones, either as headphones and other accessories are turning to the standard. On the other hand, there’s a sizable segment of the market that has iPhone. In short, there are currently two major ways to keep devices charged.

Occasionally, you’ll also find something that works just as well with Android as it does for iPhones. Such is the case with the myCharge Hub Turbo.

MyCharge has been one of my favorite brands in the charging space over the last few years. Its chargers get bigger and better all the time and at prices that stay competitive. As the newest model in its portfolio, the Hub Turbo is another testament to its powerful and flexible charging solutions.

Packing some 10,050mAh worth of battery, this portable charger is designed to power up your average smartphone at least three times over. Depending on how old your handset is, or what the battery is like, it could go even higher.

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If you’re not dealing with a flagship phone, or a model that specifically boasts a two-day battery, you’ll likely get four charges.

One of the features I  appreciate about this model is that it features an integrated Apple Lightning cable as well as an integrated USB Type-C cable. While I won’t necessarily use the former cable, it’s nice to have on hand for whenever my friends with an iPhone might need some extra power.

The built-in cords are roughly 4-inches long and rest inside of a track, and snap into place when not in use. After a few weeks of use I’ve yet recognize any giving or slack in the part that keeps the cable locked in. I’ve seen this feature in a variety of myCharge models along the way and they’ve always held up well.

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Also present and convenient, there’s a battery level indicator at the top right edge, just above where the cables pull out. It’s a convenient spot as you can quickly see  how much power is left before pulling out a cable.


  • Battery: 10050mAh Lithium Ion
  • Product Dimensions: 4.6 in x 2.8 in x 0.9 in
  • Product Weight: 0.6 lbs.
  • Output: 3.4A shared

On the bottom of the unit you’ll find a USB port which can be used to charge any device. Just be sure to bring your own cable.

As a hallmark of the series of chargers, this ones comes with prongs that lets plug it directly into a wall. It’s perfect for packing for overnight trips; it’s an all-in-one device that requires no cables.

I’ve had a chance to review other myCharge devices over the years and have always found them to be among the best in the space. The same goes this time around.

The Hub Turbo looks nearly identical to its predecessors, but does have a slightly darker finish. It’s more of a dark slate color instead of a silver finish.


You can purchase a myCharge Hub Turbo 10050 for $110 directly from the myCharge website. A smaller, 6700mAh version is also available for about $90, but I definitely think it’s worth the extra money for that extra 50% capacity.

Amazon also offers a variety of myCharge solutions, including the Hub Turbo 10050. Currently it’s listed at just $100, a savings of 10% as compared to myCharge’s website. Similarly, the 6700mAh model is just $80 at Amazon.

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