Soundcore has become one of my favorite brands over the last few years. For those that may not know, this audio-centric Anker sub-brand specializes in mostly wireless audio accessories for consumers. How does the company’s newly announced Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro stack up to this history? Very well, actually. Let’s dive in.


I really like the design of the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds. They have a familiar teardrop and stem shape, but this leads to a very comfortable fit while listening. The stem lays gently on the outside of the ear and really stabilizes the earbud while in your ear.

Speaking of comfort, the silicon tips that Soundcore has provided should give you many fits to make sure you can find the right side. This allows you to secure the Liberty Air 2 Pro in each ear and helps fend off outside noise.

Audio and calls

I couldn’t be happier with audio and phone calls. Anker has nailed this with the Soundcore team with the Liberty Air 2 Pro headset. You have rich playback of music and podcasts with some really active noise cancellation that is instantly noticeable.

We’ll get back to the ANC features, but let’s focus on the pure music playback first. Anker has worked with Grammy-winning producers to help fine-tune this experience. Pair that with the 10 hardened nano-layered drivers, and you have exceptional sound quality for such a small package.

To round out this listening experience you have targeted active noise cancellation. This allows you to choose from three different environmental settings to help the microphones dictate how feedback is given while using the Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds.

We’ve recently covered this with our over-ear Soundcore Q30 review, but this is offered in Transport, Indoor, and Outdoor listening profiles. Transport targets things like car engines, trains, and airplanes to be eliminated; Indoor focuses on dampening chatter from human voices; Outdoor hopes to quiet wind and general environmental noise.

Calls also take advantage of the tech on board the Liberty Air 2 Pro. I had no issues placing multiple phone calls during my time with the earbuds. Both ends of each conversation were clear and well-received with no drops or muffled voices.

App and touch controls

All these profiles can easily be changed inside the Soundcore companion mobile app. Just tap your device on the home page and you can set the ambient sound profile you prefer. You can also choose Transparency mode that allows for more ambient feedback to make it to your ears. This comes in handy in work settings where you may be listening to audio but still need to be aware of surroundings or co-workers trying to interact.

Another thing you can control inside the app is the Liberty Air 2 Pro touch options. Each earpiece has a capacitive strip on the outside of the stem for some basic options. By default, this is a double-tap on the left earbud to go to the next track and the right will play/pause the song.

A long-press is the other functional gesture control with the standard-setting for both earbuds to cycle through the Ambient noise options. However, you can change the double-tap or extended hold to many other shortcuts: volume up, volume down, previous, and voice assistant.


You might think with such a small form-factor that the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds might skimp on runtime, but you’d be mistaken. The Liberty Air 2 Pro buds were able to last me a full shift of work excluding my lunch. This is right on par with the estimated playback of 7 hours per charge.

Just in case you do run out of juice, a top-off is conveniently available from the carrying case. The case will get you another three charges for somewhere around 26 hours of total audio enjoyment. Another couple of perks is that the charging case has both USB-C and Qi wireless charging to recharge the complete bundle again.


I really enjoyed my time with the Soundore Liberty Air 2 Pro wireless earbuds. These audio buds will give you quality music playback, crystal clear phone calls, and some interesting active noise cancellation for $130. This pits the Liberty Air 2 Pro against the AirPods Pro for over $100 less.

You just can’t beat that and I will be surprised if you are disappointed in your choice. One more win is the awesome color variants Soundcore has chose this year. You can choose between Onyx Black, Titanium White, Sapphire Blue, and Crystal Pink. All have a slight metallic finish to them that’s hard to capture in photos but does make the Liberty Air 2 Pro headsets stand out in person.

These are available now at both Soundcore’s website and Amazon.

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