Tronsmart has a knack for making quality mobile accessories for those not concerned with the top-tier nametag on the box. This includes battery packs, earbuds, and portable audio. The latest is the Tronsmart Trip portable speaker.

We’ve spent the last two weeks with this power-packed little speaker and came away impressed.


The Tronsmart Trip is a small brick-shaped speaker with a nice carrying loop on one end. The sizing is hard to get a handle on in the promotional photos but it’s about the proportion of a box of cream cheese. It’s an odd comparison but apt.

The entire front is flanked by a giant Tronsmart branding. If there’s one thing I don’t care about the overall fit and finish it’s this element. It’s too in your face and distracts from the rest o the design.

Atop the speaker is dedicated hardware buttons for the majority of your normal interactions. This includes power, Bluetooth, play/pause, and volume controls. Each is raised from the rest of the speaker and covered in a soft rubber coating.

The bottom of the speaker is void of much other than four rubber feet. These may not look like much, but they offer stability and slip protection. This comes in handy on level surfaces, but really shines on uneven ones like say the hood of your car while on a run to the beach.

The right side of the Tronsmart Trip speaker houses the only inputs found on the device. This features only two ports. One is for USB-C charging and the other is for 3.5mm auxiliary audio.


The Trip speaker is surprisingly robust in output for its size. It’s not in the realm of Boss soundbars or anything, but it holds its own for something that can be tossed in a gym bag or purse.

Highs and mids are really good. They can be somewhat distorted when you crank the volume all the way up, but most speakers have that problem. Bass is also decent. You get a good punch from the pint-sized Trip.

The Trip speaker has Tronsmart’s True Wireless tech onboard as well. This allows you to sync two or more capable Tronsmart speakers together for true studio audio. This would make for a nice portable audio setup with two Trips on an outdoor patio or porch setting.


The battery life is excellent. Tronsmart rates the Trip at 20 hours of playback per charge and 50% volume; I’ve found this very accurate. You and your friends can easily enjoy audio on the go while adventuring.

When you do need to top it off, it’s always a plus to see the most modern standard like USB-C available. The Tronsmart Trip doesn’t offer fast charge unfortunately. The USB-C is only set to 5V output and takes about three hours to fully charge the Trip speaker.


Tronsmart has a very capable, and portable, audio option with the Trip speaker. It’s well designed, compact, and produces surprisingly good audio. Pair that all together and it’s a great portable speaker to put on your party list.

But how much does it cost you say? That’s even better. The Tronsmart Trip will set you back less than $30. Yep. Right now it’s on sale for $26 on Aliexpress. So what are you waiting for? Add this to your tech bag using the link below.

Purchase the Tronsmart Trip speaker

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