Ultenic U10 vacuum cleaner review

Ease of Use
Build Quality
Build Quality
While it's not perfect, the Ultenic U10 provides an excellent experience without breaking the bank. This is great for small apartments, college dorm rooms, or as a start vacuum. We'd like to see some improvements in charging speeds, but love the included accessories and build quality.

Vacuum cleaners may not be the first thing you think of when someone brings up cool new tech products but after seeing the Ultenic U10, you may have a new perspective.

At just five pounds, the U10 is light and easy to use around the house. The battery checks in at 2200mAh, which is smaller than most flagship phones in 2021.

Ultenic U10 Battery Life and Charging

This will net you up to 40 minutes of use in “Eco Mode.” If you need a little more power, you can kick on “Max mode'” where Ultenic says you can expect about 15 minutes of usage. I was pleasantly surprised that Ultenic was actually conservative with their estimates because I ended up getting about an hour of usage in Eco Mode while sweeping my carpet floors and doing a quick sweep of my car before a long car trip.

Really the only downside here is that it takes about 2.5 hours to recharge from dead to full. In a world where we have Wireless Chargers that can charge @ 50W or better, this slow cabled charging is very disappointing. You can buy extra bathers that can be charged outside the unit and hot-swapped.

What’s it Like to Use the Ultenic U10?

Using the Ultenic U10 is a breeze. It’s light, easily maneuverable, and well thought out. It comes with two brushes, an extension tube, two heads, a Wall Mount, and a charger.

I normally have the extension tube installed with the floor brush but if I’m trying to get hard-to-reach places, it’s a snap to remove it and attach the crevice tool to target a specific area.

There are brushes for both carpet (which can also be used for hard surfaces) and a soft-bristle brush that’s designed more for bedding, couches, curtains, and the like. Swapping them out is easy but I’ve been using to carpet brush for everything and it has been fine.

As I mentioned earlier, I used this to clean out my car and will probably avoid this in the future if there are other options available. I have a pretty big SUV (Sorento) but it’s just a little too big to handle in there with just the crevice tool attached. I wasn’t able to get into good angles to clean those little spots that pick up dust, dirt, and crumbs. Trying to use this in an even smaller car would be a lesson in futility. I’d much rather use a smaller device where I can sacrifice battery and suction poor for ease of use.

What accessories do you get with the Ultenic U10?

I’m impressed at how well thought out the Ultenic U10 is. The modular design is a nerd’s dream and the inclusion of a HEPA filter shows the company is looking to actually make the best product possible, not just design something that looks nice to drive sales but falls flat when you get your hands on it.

While the Utteric isn’t perfect, it checks all the right boxes for light hone use. Our place isn’t big but with a dog, two cats, a messy kid, and two adults, we have our share of dirt, dust, hair, and messes.

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Our normal Dyson tears through the place leaving no spec of dust untouched. While the U10 isn’t quite that powerful, I’d have zero problems recommending it to someone in a similar situation that doesn’t want to pay 2x-5x for a name brand that will probably be overkill.

We obviously can’t speak to longevity here because our review periods last about three weeks. That being said, the Ultenic U10 does appear to be made with quality parts and its modular design means, in theory, you can just buy a replacement if something breaks down. The vacuum comes with a one-year warranty out of the box.

Ultenic U10: Wrapping Things Up

Wrapping things up, I’ve enjoyed my time with the Ultenic U10. The company has done a good job of designing a well-thought-out, modular device that walks the line of functionality vs price.

I’d definitely like to see improved charging speeds in a product revision because nothing is more frustrating than being 75% done with a job and waiting an hour for the vacuum to recharge enough to finish. If that’s not possible, tee inclusion of a secondary battery would at least ease the pain a bit.

You can pick the Ultenic U10 up at Amazon for $159.


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