So you just got your brand-new shiny Chromebook unboxed and as you’re looking it over, you probably noticed there is no right-click button on the trackpad. No matter where you tap or click, it will always register as a left-click. Well, fear not, there are two ways to right-click on Chromebooks and both are very easy to use.

Two-finger tap method

This is probably the easiest and most simple of the two methods. If you’re coming from a laptop with a different operating system then you’re probably already well versed in how to right-click this way.

All it involves is simply using two fingers to tap on the trackpad. That’s it, there’s nothing to it. Once you tap with two fingers simultaneously, it will register as a right-click and pop up the context menu. This can extremely useful when managing files or copying and pasting.

The Alt button method

This method involves using the keyboard and uses two hands to accomplish. That’s probably why the two-finger tap is the more common method to use. However, if you’re looking for another way to right-click, or you’re having issues activating the right-click with the two-finger tap method, then this is another way to accomplish the same task.

All you have to do is hold down the Alt key while tapping on the trackpad and it will register as a right-click. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s just not quite as convenient as using the two-finger tap because it will require using two hands.

Now, you know both ways to right-click when using a Chromebook and you’ll be able to access all those valuable options in the right-click menu, such as copy, paste, select all, setting your wallpaper, and more.

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