Earfun may not be a name you are familiar with, but as the name slyly suggests, the company makes audio accessories. We’ve reviewed several models in the past and were pleased to get a chance to test out its Earfun Air Pro earbuds.

How do these match up to the other truly wireless options out there? Let’s find out in this full review.


One of the most polarizing parts of the unboxing of the Earfun Air Pro earbuds is the overall design. You will either love or hate the unique lines and shape of these headphones. Personally, I found the sharp, geometric edges to be a refreshing take on a crowded segment of the audio market.

At the core, the Earfun Air Pro is still a set of teardrop-shaped headphones, but the stark design elements will immediately make it stand out. The tips of the buds are covered in interchangeable silicone tips to find the most comfortable size for you.

Features and specs

The main feature set that will catch people’s eye is the active noise cancellation (ANC). Using external mics the Earfun Air Pro can filter up to 38-decibels of outside chatter.

The sound shouldn’t be an issue with the 10mm drivers in each earbud. Pair that with IPX5 water resistance and up to 32 hours of playback, you have a pretty great spec sheet for most users.

Real-world results

You have to start with the audio experience, right? I’m happy to report the Earfun Air Pro earbuds perform really well. The audio is punchy is and has a decent balance of bass and hi/mid playback.

The active noise cancelation is also a great addition to the audio quality. The external microphones do an awesome job of filtering out the surrounding conditions. Is it as siloed as canned, over-ear ANC headsets? No, but for earbuds, the Earfun Pro are solid as background noise reduction.

The buds even have a transparent mode that allows you to lower the filtering process. This allows you to allow more noise in current environments. The transparent mode can be useful for those of you still traveling to in-office working every day. You can have your audio while still being able to hear if your boss is asking for that report you’ve been working on.

Stereo and mono modes are present while using the Earfun Air Pro earbuds. This makes it easy to use one or both of the devices while listening. One downside is the next portion of this review is slightly different for each side whether you use the left or right bud.

Gestures and touch controls

You can’t release a truly wireless earbud these days without controls and Earfun has the basics covered. As mentioned, each side has some dedicated options to affect the audio playback.

Let’s start with music. Tapping twice on the right earpiece will start or pause audio. Triple the motion to move forward to the next track. There is no way to move back a song in the playlist.

This omission is due to the left side being dedicated to voice assistant and active noise cancelation profile. A double-tap of this side will launch your phone’s voice assistant. Google Assistant, Siri, and even Bigby are all compatible.

A third tap of the left Earfun Air Pro will turn the ANC mode from full filtering to transparent mode. You should notice a voice prompt of “ambient sound” and will start hearing a little more outside noise. The triple tap again turns “normal mode” back on.

Phone calls are the exact same tap sequence whether you use one or both Air Pro buds. You can answer or end a call by a double-tap of either earpiece and reject a call by a triple-tap.

Rounding out the interactions is an accelerometer in each earbud. This feature makes it easy to pause and resume the playback by simply removing the earbud from your ear. The motion is detected and the Earfun Air Pro will automatically stop or start the audio.

Battery life

The runtime of the Earfun Air Pro is exceptional. You get seven hours of playback with ANC mode turned on and nine hours if you keep it turned off. I’ve found these estimates to be spot on and can get through a full workday regardless of the mode.

When you do need to charge, the case has inductive charging for topping off the earbuds on the go. This gives you of up to 32 hours of maximum time away from a cable. Speaking of cables, USB-C is the avenue you’ll use to recharge the battery case.

Insert my normal “I’d love to see Qi charging included” tagline here, but unfortunately, it’s missing in action.

Final thoughts

I’ve enjoyed my time with the Earfun Air Pro earbuds. You get the combination of unique design, good audio, and great battery life for $80. Throw in the compact footprint and battery case and you have audio that’s just dying to go to work with you every day. Even better for the next two weeks, our readers can get a huge discount to $39.59 using the code: EARFUNAIR1.

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