Your digital data is one of the more valued commodities you own these days. From office documents, you may be altering to tax returns, the likelihood of them living on your computer is pretty high in 2021. While it’s never in the forefront of a user’s mind, once you lose that big project presentation due to hard drive corruption you’ll frantically be searching for a solution like iBeesoft’s Data Recovery suite.

iBeesoft Data Recover is a great tool to hopefully raise that missing file from the dead. The software program is available for both Windows and Mac computers and we will take a deeper dive into the features in this post. First, let’s take a moment to talk about how data is lost and why iBeesoft can recover it in most instances.

What causes data loss

Data loss can be caused by several things, but some of the more common are corruption, accidental deletion, and formatting errors. Thankfully, iBeesoft’s tools have a high success rate of getting things back in order.

Hard drive corruption happens when a file read and write processes get interrupted. It’s a literal hiccup in the memory retention of the data. This usually happens with power is lost or a surge happens to the power supply while saving a file. Many of us have probably been caught with this when Windows would reboot without warning to install updates back in the day.

The second method of accidental deletion is pretty self-explanatory. You get in a hurry to clean up a folder and sometimes you select too many files. Then, three days later you’re searching for that PDF only to realize it’s gone and you’ve emptied your Trash bin already.

Lastly, formatting is somewhat adjacent to accidental deletion. If you have multiple hard drives or partitions you may come across a scenario where you want to wipe one and start clean. However, if you format the :E drive but meant to select :D and don’t recognize your mistake in time, you may be in trouble.

How does iBeesoft save the day?

Much like our previous coverage of the similar AnyRecover, your operating system doesn’t technically delete anything in most cases. It simply reassigns that space as open. This allows new files to take that space as the need arises in your workflow.

iBeesoft leverages this in its software and works its magic to pull that data back into the original hard drive sectors. Regardless of the cause that we covered in the preceding paragraphs, iBeesoft restores these files easily. However, due to the nature of how things are saved, the sooner you act when a mistake is discovered the better. Once the sector is no longer designated as open, most recovery software tools can’t bring it back.

Clean interface and easy to use

When you do get ready to use iBeesoft Data Recovery, you will be greeted with a clean UI. It’s nice to not be overwhelmed when you may already be at a heightened anxiety level of missing files. The interface is well laid out and easy to navigate.

Once the program launches you select the drive or folder you want to work with. This should be the original homestead of your missing files or data. The menus for this will leverage the normal Windows file manager that users are already comfortable with.

After you’ve selected your folders, you click the giant Start button to begin the scan. By default, iBeesoft will search for every recoverable file, but you can toggle file types in the menu.

When the scan is complete you will be presented with a window of recoverable files found by iBeesoft. You can then choose to restore them back to their original locations. That’s it. It’s just that simple.

Free to scan and replace 2GB

Unfortunately, this leads us to the slight drawback to iBeesoft Data Recovery. The free trial download will limit the number of files that are recoverable. To fully restore a missing data point you will need to purchase the software’s full version if restoring more than 2GB. Not a deal-breaker but worth a note.

I do like that the iBeesoft Data Recovery allows you to know if your files are recoverable. There’s at least a piece of mind to seeing it in the results after the scanning is complete. Honestly, the 2GB of data brought back home to your hard drive for free could be all most users need.

There is one catch: You have to know where to look. If you simply go to the company’s landing page, the only available trial will not restore any amount of files.

Once a scan is complete it will show the files and prompt you to purchase the full premium version. But, if you hit you can get that 2GB of free restoration.

Despite this slight limitation, the pricing could be much worse. A single PC or Mac license will cost you $45.95 to activate. If you have a large family that may need iBeesoft Data Recovery, $89.95 will give you coverage for up to five computers. Need Data Recovery for enterprise? Then $299.95 will get you unlimited access.

Final thoughts

Most of us may never need iBeesoft Data Recovery. Hopefully, we never fall prey to mistakes of lost files, but if you do iBeesoft has one of the best solutions available. With almost any file type supported and a clean, fast interface Data Recovery could be just what you need to get out of crisis mode on your computer.

You can easily navigate and see for free if your files are able to be restored. If within the 2GB trial cap then you have all you need. If not, you can then make the call just how much that recovery is worth to you and upgrade to get all the magic iBeesoft Data Recovery has to offer. Check out the company’s website now to learn more or make a purchase.

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