Tronsmart Apollo Air+ review

Tronsmart has a history of making solid wireless audio devices. The Apollo Air+ earbuds add to this stable and immediately stand out. These are a combination of sound, design, and pricing to offer a viable alternative to the top-tier brands.

True wireless earbuds are among some of the more popular devices in tech these days. From the big names to others you may not know as well these earbuds are increasingly what consumers desire. Tronsmart is one such brand who recently released a new model to the market with its Apollo Air+ earbuds.

Having spent some time with the earbuds I find they are worth considering for your next purchase. Read on for more details.


It won’t take keen eyes to see where Tronsmart drew inspiration while designing the Apollo Air+ earbuds. The similarities to a curtain fruit-centric brand are hard to miss. However, sometimes good engineering just needs to be imitated.

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The Apollo Air+ buds have a steemed design with a large silicone tip. This allows for a comfortable fit in the ear while also blocking out environmental noise.

On the outside of each earpiece is the Tronsmart logo. This doubles as a touch-sensitive area to allow users to have some basic interactions without reaching for their phones.

Touch controls

You really can’t have wireless earbuds these days without offering some basic interactions with a capacitive touch area. The Tronsmart Apollo Air+ features this under the company log on each earbud. This allows for each or both earpieces to alter playback or phone calls in certain manners.

Let’s start with controls that can be accomplished on both earbuds. Triple tapping either Apollo Air+ will turn active noise cancellation on or off. This gives users quick control over how much environmental feedback is allowed into the ear.

A double-tap of each earbud will pause or restart the music playback. The same gesture while getting an incoming call, answers or disconnects the conversation. Holding either for two seconds while the caller is ringing you will reject the call.

The same two-second hold is the default gesture setting with the Apollo Air+ and voice assistant activation. All the major voice assistants can be conjured by this move. Alexa, Bixby, and Google Assistant were all easily activated in my time with the earbuds.

Don’t like any of these? Simply download the Tronsmart mobile app and change them. The app has an easy settings menu to assign or rearrange gestures as you see fit with the Apollo Air+ earbuds.

Audio and calls

Music playback is very solid with the Tronsmart Apollo Air+ earbuds. Bass is robust without being overpowering. Highs and mids are set at a moderate level that outputs great default equalizer settings.

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Again, if you want to play around with what sounds the best to your ears, you can change them in the equalizer. There are multiple preset options for you to alter the playback sound. I’d like to see a manual option, but I’d say there is at least one that most will find appealing.

I can’t leave the audio section of this review without mentioning ANC, or active noise cancellation. When turned on the Apollo Air+ can block out up to 35 decibels of outside noise. While the novelty of ANC has worn off a bit as it lands on more devices, it’s a noticeable difference when you need it.

Battery life and charging

Wireless earbuds can easily have one main Achilles heel… battery life. Thankfully, Tronsmart was determined to not fail this with the Apollo Air+. The company rates these to last five hours per charge and I’d say that is accurate.

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You can also get another three charges off the battery case. This brings you up to 20 total hours away from an outlet. Whether you are on the road or just don’t want to constantly charge up, 20 hours is great.

When you do need to top off the lithium tanks, Tronsmart has a couple of ways to get this done. USB-C via standard cable is onboard of course. As we hit the middle of 2021 you more or less need to have this tried and true hardwired option.

Like a little more modern techie way to charge? The Apollo Air+ have you covered there too. Qi wireless charging is built into the case. This allows you to casually set the Apollo Air+ and its case on any compatible charger to recharge.


Tronsmart has a history of making solid wireless audio devices. The Apollo Air+ earbuds add to this stable and immediately stand out. These are a combination of sound, design, and pricing to offer a viable alternative to the top-tier brands.

Speaking of price, the Apollo Air+ wireless earbuds will set you back $95. While not the cheapest on the market, these still compare well to other models with a much higher price tag. You can purchase these earbuds direct from Tronsmart’s website in white or black options.


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