Ampere drops five new innovations at CES 2023

At CES 2023 we saw lots of innovative tech products, gaming laptops with lighter ergonomics, foldable productivity-focused notebooks, LG’s wireless TV, the best speakers, headphones, earbuds, and much more. Every tech brand showcases its best tech gadgets at Consumer Electronic Show and the tech brand Ampere (known for making fun functional tech) is no different.

Ampere announced its five new innovative products including smart glasses, a wireless charger, and a kid-friendly shower, at CES 2023. The main thing is that the brand gets two nominations for its innovative products. We will touch on this but first, have a look at its new products. Ampere introduced Dusk Sport, Dusk Rx, the Traction Timer, shower power buddies, and Horizon.

The classy Dusk Rx smart sunglasses

Ampere drops five new innovations at CES 2023

Ampere introduced its new classy Dusk Rx smart sunglasses. The sunglasses Dusk Rx comes with a classy design and tint-adjustable lenses. You’ll get cutting-edge electrochromic lenses with manually adjustable tint on the Dusk Rx. The latest prescription sunglasses come in three frame styles.  and will be available for purchase in quarter 2, 2023.

Horizon- 3-in-1 wireless charger

Ampere drops five new innovations at CES 2023

Ampere launched its new portable MFi and Magsafe 3-in-1 wireless charger Horizon. Thanks to the two patent-pending hinges allow you to transform the wireless charger into eight possible charging positions which indirectly makes the charging experience much better. Ampere’s Horizon 3-in-1 wireless charger has officially been certified for Magsafe and Apple watch modules.

The company claims, Apple’s latest watches including series 7, 8 and Apple watch Ultra charges faster with Horizon wireless charger, the Apple 7 and 8 charge 0 to 80% in just 45 minutes, and the Ultra takes around 60 minutes. With help of the Horizon, you can charge three devices simultaneously. Horizon starts at $199 and will be available for sale in April 2023.

Ampere Dusk Sport

Ampere drops five new innovations at CES 2023

Ampere announced its new Dusk Sport with sporty design smart sunglasses at CES 2023. The Ampere Dusk Sport starts at $399 and will be available for purchase from July 2023 via Amazon and Ampere’s official website. The oversized lenses offer maximum sun protection and adjustable tips and nose pads ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

It has cutting-edge electrochromic lenses with manually adjustable tints. The Dusk Sport has inbuilt microphones and speakers which lacks in the Dusk Rx. And it also has noise-canceling technology support which makes the calling experience much better in a noisy environment. The premium speakers offer loud, clear, crisp, rich bass sound thanks to the open-to-ear design.

Ampere drops five new innovations at CES 2023

The Ampere app offers a bunch of customizations and features including InstaOptic and Huddle Mode. The Instaoptic technology allows users to adjust their automatic tint-changing experience and the Huddle mode allows you to interact with each other through frames. The smart glasses are waterproof and sweatproof, Ampere rates it at IP5X and the lenses are scratch-proof and shatter-resistant.

Dusk Sport offers up to six hours of battery life with audio and with just tint adjustment it lasts over a month. It also has wireless as well as quick charging (via USB C) support. Dusk sport charges 0 to 80% in Just 15 minutes. Ampere offers two frame styles in the Dusk Sport- Action and Speed. Both frames and lenses come in a bunch of color options. The Dusk Sport smart sunglasses are available for pre-sale now on Backerfit.

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Ampere Traction Timer

Ampere drops five new innovations at CES 2023

It is very difficult to remain focused when the distractions are too many. Ampere innovates a very useful product called Traction Timer which not only helps you to remain focused during work time but also increases productivity. You can take it anywhere thanks to its portable design. It measures 17.3 cm x 9.1 cm x 3 cm and weighs just 198 grams. Traction Timer houses an 800mAh battery and has 200 days of standby time. You can set a session length minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of 99 min and 59 seconds.

How it works

-When it’s time to focus, just place your smartphone inside the Traction Timer.
-Set the session length and your smartphone will be locked inside the Traction Timer until the timer runs out.
-When the time is up, a notification is poped. It means your session is over.

With the help of the Traction App, you can also track progress over time. There are different timer modes also available like classic Pomodoro which helps you to achieve deep focus during your important tasks. Furthermore, Ampere Traction Timer is designed according to the latest scientific research on focus. It helps users to train their focus muscles. The Traction Timer is priced at $69 and will be available for pre-sale in Q2, 2023.

Shower Power Buddies

Ampere drops five new innovations at CES 2023

Ampere introduced the kid-friendly product Shower Power Buddies at CES. Shower Power Buddies has a very compact design with a built-in hydropower speaker and LED lights. It comes in three water-inspired colors and designs including Rubber Ducky (Yellow), Sea Turtle (Green), and Narwhal (Sky Blue).

Ampere drops five new innovations at CES 2023
The Shower Power Buddies joins Ampere’s existing line of Shower power speakers which was launched in 2020 and also won a CES 2021 Innovation award in the Home Audio category.

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The 5W in-built speaker runs on the power of water, so it never needs to be charged. Thanks to the Bluetooth v5.1 connectivity integrated with the speaker connects with any Bluetooth-enabled device easily, allowing Kids to listen to their favorite music, audiobooks, or podcasts while showering. The Shower Power Buddies costs $99 and will be available for purchase in Q2, 2023.

Ampere announced five innovative tech products at CES 2023, out of five two tech products one is Dusk Sport (in the wearable category) and the second is Traction Timer (in the mobile accessories category) gets the CES 2023 Innovation Awards honoree.

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