Wireless earbuds are kind of a commonplace thing these days. Every audio company is seemingly dipping its toes into the wireless audio market. Treblab is one of those companies, who for some time now makes affordable quality devices that may not be immediately recognizable in retail stores. The new Treblab X3 Pro earbuds offer a sporty design for much less than some of those name brands.


As mentioned the X3 wireless earbuds are targeting the sports crowd. The looped design is intended to be used by the active consumer who might find themselves at the gym or long runs. They look awfully similar to another Pro model that’s upwards to $250 dollars.

Thankfully, the design is still great. Even at $70, the Treblab X3 Pro earbuds are very comfortable. Most earbuds will fatigue the ears after 4-5 hours of constant use, but I’m happy to report that wasn’t an issue with the X3 Pro.

I lend this to the ear-hook and bud combination. Both offer support to positioned to separate parts of the ear. This disperses the weight, even though it’s super light, and avoids the small aches that would come with a more traditional earbud design.

As with most earbuds the packaging includes several silicone ear tips. This gives you the flexibility to make sure you have a secure, comfortable fit. These are marked in the box as Small, Medium, and Large.

IPX7 water resistance is also onboard with the Treblab X3 Pro. You can’t cater to the active crowd without being able to withstand an unexpected rainstorm or sweat at the gym.

Playback Controls

This is another strong segment of my review of the Treblab X3 Pro buds. I absolutely love that the button layout is exactly the same on each earbud. You have a large multifunction, center button for play and pause of audio. This same button can activate your preferred voice assistant with a double press.

The center button also interacts with phone calls by starting and stopping the call. Hold it for 1 second while your phone is ringing and it will ignore the caller. Lastly, if you extend that long press for 2 seconds it will power off the Treblab X3 Pro earbuds.

Just above the earbud portion in the crest of the loop, you will find the volume rocker. This allows you to control the volume of media and calls directly from the X3 Pro. I’ve grown to enjoy this additional touch while using these earbuds. It can be frustrating when enjoying the wireless revolution but still have to pull your phone out to interact with the volume levels.

Speaking of frustrations relieved by the X3 Pro, all of these inputs are exactly the same with each earbud. The X3 Pro supports both stereo (both earbuds synced and playing at the same time) or mono mode with a single earpiece. Many other brands do this, but most have dedicated functions that only work with one earbud.

Not having to remember if it’s the left or right one that turns the volume up, or if voice assistants can only be activated with the left earpiece has been fantastic. The Treblab X3 Pro earbuds just work. Regardless of which earbud you have in.


I was also pleasantly surprised by the audio quality. Playback is punchy and robust. Treblab has done a great job of balancing the feedback to capture bass and vocals without either drowning the other out.

The volume levels are better than most as well. I think it’s a flaw of the smaller design of most wireless earbuds, but the X3 Pro doesn’t suffer from low playback sound.

I was able to place a few phone calls and the opposing side of the conversations had no issues hearing me. Conversely, I found the audio to be more than acceptable on my end as well.

Battery Life and Charging

Each charge of the earbuds is rated at nine hours of playback. I found this to be spot-on accurate. I consistently got through an entire eight-hour work shift with no issue.

If you do need to charge on the go, the include battery case will recharge the X3 Pro earbuds an additional four times. This offers you 45 total hours of playback without an outlet.

The power case supports USB-C fast charge. So when you do need to top off you won’t have to wait long. Charging the case and the earbuds take just under two hours. One knock, if I had to choose one, is the case has to be pretty bulky to hold the larger looped earbuds.

Final Thoughts

If you couldn’t tell by this point, I’ve really enjoyed using the Treblab X3 Pro wireless earbuds. The hook design and light weight result in a comfortable fit that surpasses most others I’ve tested. Add that to above-average audio, and you have a win in my book.

Taking in all that and only having a price tag of $70 makes this a no brainer. The Treblab X3 Pro is available in one color, black, and can be purchased from Treblab’s Amazon page. Need an additional bump to pull the trigger? Our readers get a limited-time promo code for 15% off the final price on Amazon: TREBLABNEWX.

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