The digital age has brought new problems to the forefront while being online. One of the most important is password management. It can be overwhelming to keep up with what seems like countless numbers of account information. Passwarden, from KeepSolid, could be just the service you need.

Manage your passwords with ease

Passwarden is a great way to manage all your online login secrets. The service offers a web service that gives you a singular login location to access the passwords for all of your online life. It also encourages you to not use that same lame password for everything.

Once you’ve created a management account with Passwarden you can either manually enter your passwords for individual online portals, or better yet, use one of the many app experiences to import or auto-save them. The parent company of KeepSolid offers a web extension (Chrome and Firefox), Windows/Mac for desktop, and mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

This allows you to have a synced archive of all your online passwords across all you devices. Passwarden allows you to just use your management account login to access them no matter what platform you are needing to access.

Head to the Vault

Vaults are the core of the Passwarden experience. Here you save your passwords, credit cards, or secure notes. These Vaults are then categorized accordingly. The dynamic is very similar to the structure your files have on a computer.

These Vaults are even shareable with other users. You can use this to invite users to access to the passwords you have saved in a specific Vault. Sharing makes it super easy for families to all have the Netflix password or for small enterprise teams to share corporate logins.

Security even under Duress

With any password, security is key. Passwarden is backed by full AES-256 encryption and you can enable two-factor authentification. Two-factor can be set to a one-time email code or you can elect to use many of the popular authenticator apps from the likes of Google and Microsoft.

One unique feature that Passwarden offers past the norm is Duress mode. This gives users the ability to set up a secondary management password that will only give you access to a curated list and hide the main Vaults. Passwarden markets this as an additional method of securing your data even if you are physically forced to enter your password.

Keeps you from getting lazy

As we mentioned earlier, it’s an easy trap to fall into using the same password across multiple sites. Any security expert will tell you this is a huge security risk and Passwarden is here to lighten that load as well with an outstanding password generator.

This feature makes creating a long, secure passcode a breeze. Passwarden gives you random strings of letter, numbers, and even symbols to create a combination that is much more secure than anything you’d select from memory. And even though it’s a bizarre alphanumerical value, it’s automatically saved to your synced Passwarden account so you don’t have to bother memorizing.

Android app checks all the boxes

When I first downloaded Passwarden I was hesitant to recommend. It had all the great features listed and the Android app synced all my logins as expected, but it didn’t support Autofill. For those that don’t know, this is a service level access on Android phones that just prompts your passwords to be filled by the default app you have set up in Settings.

It’s also hand-downs the most crucial feature to have in place for this type of app to succeed. Without it, you are forced to drop out of the app you needing the passcode for and manually grab it from Passwarden each and every time. However, the latest update on November 7 has brought this and it works flawlessly.

Other mobile notables are biometrics lock is onboard. It also makes using the camera to store ID cards like your driver’s license much easier. Just snap the photo and immediately add it to the appropriate Vault.

Free to try but you may need to subscribe

All this goodness from Passwarden is free to try for the first 40 passwords. Afterward, you’ll need to choose either a monthly or yearly pricing plan. This starts at $3.99 per month or $36.99 per year. There’s even a lifetime option for a $199.99 single payment. All of these offer unlimited synced devices.

If you’d like to bundle with KeepSolid’s VPN as well, you can do that for $10.99 per month or $69.99 yearly. This isn’t a bad combo with most VPNs costing at least $10 a month alone.

Passwarden can be the contender

KeepSolid has a well-rounded option for password management with Passwarden. It’s a highty secure and feature rich application to simplify your online account logins into one single password. Throw in reasonable pricing and you might have the app you’ve been searching the web to find.

For more information on Passwarden head to the service’s website. For the Android app, be sure to check out the Google Play Store.

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