Android is the biggest software suite in the world these days. From smartphones to Chromebooks, the operating system is the choice for billions of users. However, it’s not easy to run Android apps on your Windows PCs. NoxPlayer looks to fill this gap with its latest emulator running Android 9.0 Pie.

How to get it?

The installation of NoxPlayer with Android 9 is fairly simple. It’s available in a .exe file format like most other Windows installers. You can find this over at the company’s website for easy access.

With a few button clicks through the installer, you should be able to rock and roll with all your favorite Android apps. This brings your apps into a windowed environment inside your Windows PC.

Who’s it for?

While emulating Android on a Windows device may not be for everyone, but many may want to run their favorite mobile games on a more comfortable setting or bigger screen. Many such games like Genshin Impact, Arknights, and Uma Musume Pretty Derby require Android 8 or above and NoxPlayer is the first emulator to bring that support.

Full Google Play is onboard and makes finding these awesome games a breeze. There’s a dedicated Play search bar by default and entering in the title you are looking for drops you directly into the installation menu for Google Play.

Game Play

The NoxPlayer gives you a windowed version of Android 9 that makes interacting with games fairly simple. The settings give you options for assigning keyboard strokes as Android gestures or connecting a USB or Bluetooth gamepad is also supported.

Navigating the games with NoxPlayer then feels pretty native. I didn’t find any instances where I thought the lack of a touchscreen on my laptop was a flaw. Using keyboard input or gamepad controls seemed to work as advertised.

As you might expect, performance is very good as well. Even atop an emulation layer, NoxPlayer running on powerful PC hardware makes a huge improvement over some mobile phones. You should see no huge slowdowns when running NoxPlayer.

Final Thoughts

NoxPlayer is a solution to a niche subset of Windows users who also want to play Android games. However, it offers those users a great, easy way to get to that installation with very little hassle. You download NoxPlayer, install the software, and then log into Google Play. That’s it.

And even better? NoxPlayer is absolutely free. Just head on over to NoxPlayer and look for the new Android 9 beta logo in the bottom right corner.

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