We are big fans of Anker products here at AndroidGuys. The upstart company does a great job of making high-quality tech accessories and pairing them with reasonable prices. This combination should put their devices on the shortlist for anyone looking for charging needs.

The brand has recently expanded its portfolio with some new additions; we were privileged enough to have a chance to test a few out. Here’s a look at some of the current options.

Let’s start with charging at home while you have a full electrical outlet at your disposal. Anker has two great charging options, one wired and one wireless.

PowerPort Atom III 60W USB-C Charger

This new generation of power adapter is leveraging new technology around gallium nitride. That offers a new wave of power control and heat dissipation in a much smaller package than traditional lithium-based options.

The size will be your first takeaway when you remove the Atom III from the box. There’s no power brick. It’s basically just the prong plug alone and you then just use a USB-C to USB-C cable to deliver the juice.

With Anker’s IQ power delivery generation 3 you are only limited with output dependent on the cable you use. The internal silicon is intelligent enough to quick-charge up to the full fast charge at 60W all the way down to 5W charging depending on the limitations of the cable and connected device.

And you get all this at a very reasonable price! You can currently grab the PowerPort Atom III for just $42 on Amazon. This awesome charger gives you the flexibility to charge anything from your laptop to your smartphone in a compact design.

PowerWave II Wireless Charger

If you prefer to not have to bother with a cable every time you need to recharge your phone, then look no further than the PowerWave II Qi charger. This compact disk is a great addition to your charging needs.

Shaped like a small hockey puck with a nice anti-skid ring on the top it should fit into almost any environment. Either at work on your desk or next to your pillow on the nightstand the PowerWave II should fade away and just offer great functionality to charge your device.

It also offers that great Anker PowerIQ system to charger your phone at the best rate. If you need a quick refill at 15W then it’s got you covered. It also supports 5W, 7.5W, and 10W power delivery to make sure all your device needs are available.

My one knock on the PowerWave II is that the included charger is a proprietary barrel design. I’d much rather had seen a company so invested in USB-C standards find a more universal power port option.

Despite the non-universal port at $29.99, the PowerWave II is a great buy.

PowerCore Sense 10K Portable Bank

Maybe you need a little extra juice while on the go. A busy lifestyle of staying constantly connected has made a battery power bank an essential accessory these days. That’s where we’d recommend the new PowerCore Sense 10K from Anker.

The 10K is not a marathon reference in the traditional sense, but rather a tip to the mAh packed inside this power bank. To put that 10,000mAh metric into perspective, the average smartphone has somewhere between 3,000-4,000mAh capacities. This should get you at minimum 2 full charges while away from an outlet.

To wield this PowerCore Sense you have two charging ports: one USB-A and a USB-C. This gives you the opportunity to charge the PowerCore with either input or charge two separate devices simultaneously. The USB-C has the PowerIQ delivery system for up to 18W fast charging for supported phones.

The PowerCore Sense 10K also offers you a chance to show off a little personality. We were provided Sun-Kissed Coral but there are 3 other colors to choose: Steel Blue, Winter Sage, and Venitian Red. Each one is a vibrant variant to establish the look you prefer.

PowerCore 10k Wireless

Need the portable bank of the PowerCore Sense 10k, but also want Qi wireless charging to boot? Meet the PowerCore 10k Wireless. As you might imagine, it has a very similar design to the PowerCore Sense but has an additional USB-A port, and of course, wireless charging.

Sadly, the USB-C is for input only to recharge the PowerCore 10k Wireless. However, the two USB-A ports support up to 12W fast charging.

Wireless charging is also on the low-end, but again, no wires man. You will get 5W charging using the universal Qi pad portion. Much like the above mentioned PowerWave II, there’s a nice rubber ring that once you line it up with the phone, charging is pretty seamless.

The PowerCore Wireless also won’t break the bank. For $35.99 you get a multi-functional charger that can ultimately be used both at your desk and while on the go.

Go Get Em!

All these great items can be had from Amazon right now! If you need to add an accessory to your bag for charging our favorite devices, these from Anker should be on your shortlist. Each offers value and a good price for your needs.

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